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Rec Specs by Liberty Sports


Liberty Sport is committed to educating the public about the critical role certified protective eyewear can play in reducing sports-related eye injuries.

According to a 2017 report by Prevent Blindness of America, over 33,000 sports-related eye injuries requiring costly emergency room care occur annually. The actual number is probably much higher if injuries treated in private physician offices were included. As sports participation continues to grow and new "extreme sports” gain in popularity, the number of athletes who suffer eye injuries has the potential to grow considerably. School-aged competitors are particularly prone to eye injuries since their athletic skills (hand-eye coordination, balance, reaction time and speed) are still developing. However, under most circumstances, at least 90% of sports-related eye injuries are preventable with the proper use of protective sports eyewear.

There are two important US standards for protective eyewear:

ASTM F803- The American Society for Testing and Materials publishes protective eyewear standards for various sports. F803 is the most strict standard for protective eyewear.

ANSI Z87.1- The American National Standards Institute publishes standards for protective eyewear for occupational safety.

Frame made of high-impact nylon.

Polycarbonate lenses meet ASTM F803 standards.

Soft, hypo-allergenic TPR bridge for added comfort.

#125 RS-PPE-PTN Shiny Clear Turquoise A:60 B:37.8 DBL:21 TL:125
#100 RS-PPE-NVGR Shiny Clear A:60 B:41.8 DBL:19 TL:125
#205 RS-PPE-NVGR Matte Black A:60 B:41.8 DBL:19 TL:125
#256 X8-300 Shiny Black/Grey A:55 DBL:16 TL:140
#379 X8-300 Trans Dark Grey/Blue/Grey A:60 DBL:16 TL:142
#801 X8-300 Trans Whiskey/Grey A:60 DBL:16 TL:142
#250 X8-400 Shiny Black/Trans Grey A:55 DBL:16 TL:142
#808 X8-400 Shiny Navy Blue A:55 DBL:16 TL:140
#385 X8-400 Trans Grey/Burgundy A:55 DBL:16 TL:135
#235 X8-500 Matte Black Grey/ Olive A:51 B:43 ED:54 DBL:18 TL:155
#340 X8-500 Matte Charcoal Burg/Grey A:51 B:43 ED:54 DBL:18 TL:155
#970 X8-500 Shiny Tortoise Beige/Grey A:50 B:43 ED:54 DBL:18 TL:155
#225 Replay Shiny Black Cyan A:55 DBL:120 TL:130
#203 Sport Shift Matte Black/Red A:52 DBL:16 TL:135
#273 Sport Shift Matte Black/Cyan A:57 DBL:17 TL:135

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